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Henry Binghi Jr ~ Licensed Master Instructor

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Just selected as the 2019 - BEST OF AVON - DRIVING SCHOOL AWARD


People Are Talking about this driving school

"We purposefully booked driving lessons with Henry because of the impression that he made at the parents class. He has a great approach in regard to his delivery of information to teenagers and with the way he also relates to them."

"Henry is exactly what parents and students want in a driving teacher. He was very helpful and encouraging throughout the whole lesson. He is positive and supportive and he gave good advice and guidance without being intimidating."

"Mr. Henry Binghi is an awesome teacher and a very nice man."

"Mr. Binghi is an excellent instructor who will help you every step of the way. He is very patient and very helpful. I enjoy driving with him because if you mess up, he's there for you. He is an excellent coach and a really good instructor."

"He’s a great instructor. The best from the 3 instructors I have had."

"Henry is a great instructor. All of our lessons have been on time and very professional. He taught me a lot in the time we drove together. I felt very comfortable when taking my test."

"Great teacher!  He was incredibly patient and very informative 

with every driving skill I had learned. He did not take over control of the brakes and was very calm, cool and collected. I would have never realized the tricks to parking without the knowledge that Henry has. He helped as needed and always let me try it out first and taught me how to correct myself."

"Henry is a fantastic teacher!! Almost wish we had to take more than four lessons!" 

"Very helpful and gave constructive feedback. He made me feel very comfortable while driving. 

I wouldn't want to drive with any other instructor."

"My son, Justin, thoroughly enjoyed his driving experience with Henry. Justin felt extremely comfortable driving with him. He was patient and took the time to explain everything. My son wants to finish his behind the wheel sessions with (and only with) Henry!!!"

"Henry is the best instructor! He makes classes fun and not boring! Thanks for all your help Henry."

"Henry, you are the driving whisperer."

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